OH OH OH OH MY OH MYYYY! Finally! - 44.33min awesomeness

Dylan Owen's new EP  "Keep Your Friends Close" is up since yesterday, 6pm Eastern Standard Time/midnight in Germany. I couldn't go to bed before downloading it and then was too stoked on to fall asleep - true love! Free download at http://dylanowenmusic.com/

The EP is mad shit..it's motherfucking amazing! It's not even possible to select a favourite song cause all of them are so impressive. 

Make sure to check out the Lyrics and Credits (Inspirations for each song) PDFs in the downloaded folder.


"This is honestly one of the best pieces of music that I have ever heard. Dylan Owen gives us this brand spankin new 11 song EP. Each song is a phenomenal story with beats to compliment Dylan’s flow. The emotion of the lyrics is what makes this EP so special, each song is just jam-packed with them, and that’s why Dylan is so good, oh and well he raps really good too, because it’s about real life problems and that’s what makes it easy to relate to. With a quality release like this, the sky is the limit for Dylan. So do yourself a favor and make sure you download this." (FreshNewTracks.com)